Wi-Fi Hotspot Management Systems


We at would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most promising organizations to provide services in Wi-Fi management systems. We are involved in providing end-to-end Wi-Fi management services for hotels, guest-houses, lodges and service apartments.

The hospitality industry faces one or more of the following challenges in providing Wi-Fi to its guests:

If you face any of the above problems or have any other problem with your hotel Wi-Fi, read on. We are here to help you overcome your issues.

Today, it is a necessity to provide free Wi-Fi to hotel guests. Group hotels have the capability to invest in servers, software and other equipment to provide controls, but most hotels cannot afford these investments. Hence, we have taken the cloud computing route to provide the same controls to hotels bypassing the huge capital investment or dedicated IT personnel requirement for hotels.

We have different packages to suit your needs, starting from Rs.999 per month.

We are willing to meet you to understand your requirements and to provide a free trial. Please contact us for a discussion using any of the below mentioned channels.

We look forward to an opportunity to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with you and assure you of the best of our services at all times.

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